New Insect | The Gregie Grogo

Result workshop New Insects | Cooperation by two 10-year old boys | The Gregie Grogo. You can find the Gregie Grogo at home, in school and in the woods. Unlike modernday insects it is not drawn to flowers, but to pins. It puffs and dabs and carries a deadly sting. | Sturdy look | Flevoparkschool, art education project by wilson tichelaar.

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Workshop Vertical Garden | The First Flower Field Is Up

Group 4B at the Flevo Park School finished their vertical garden, they made the flowers. The workshop aims to raise awareness of the danger insects and flowers are in. | BIK 2019 – wilsontichelaar


This is where they started


PS | 14052019

I just realized, how much their work looks like the Flowers by Andy Warhol! 🙂

Flowers painted by Andy Warhol in 1964

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Amsterdam In Sight

Stad in zicht – Painting by Joanna Quispel

At the Archives of Amsterdam (Stadsarchief), they’re showing work by local artists, painters and photographers..

from the website:

“At the exhibition Stad In Zicht we can experience how photographers and artists see Amsterdam, how they remember the city, what they find and feel when Amsterdam is the subject of their work. Stad in Zicht challenges the visitor to compare the imagination of artists with that of the photographers; what is the difference, what is the similarity in the way of looking at and imagining life in the city.




Stadsarchief Amsterdam
Vijzelstraat 32
1017 HL Amsterdam

This is where the ideas of the artists are kept – Amsterdam In Zicht – Stadsarchief Amsterdam

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Amsterdam | An Impression

On my computer I keep a folder – in a folder 😉 – with ideas to improve the Amsterdam experience for my guests. Something to put in a guidebook I could make, with places to go, things to do. I found this selection of photos I took from the local tourist office’s cultural magazine.

I wonder, what does it say about Amsterdam, about us?

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Observation | What Showed Up At The Met Gala 2019


From The Met Gala 2019: The Best Dressed Celebrities on the Red Carpet, according to VOGUE

[The VOGUE Report made me do it]

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ART EDUCATION | Val Dieu, A 30 Minutes Collage

BIK | Val Dieu – A collage I made in the workshop in school, the course I am doing as an artist, to teach art to children. The workshop was set up by a fellow student and we had to work with her material, being plastic waste. The subject was free. I made it in half an hour. – wilsontichelaar

The Fabric Of Home.

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MESSENGER | Paul R And The Eurostar

A message from today: Nice:-) The picture I took on the Eurostar, coming back from London – wilsontichelaar

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New Insects By 10-Year Olds

New Insects By 10-Year Olds – Workshop Art education I did at a local school.

Insects are in danger and we need to help them. By inventing new, hybrid species, we can do this.

I am doing a one year course to become an artist in school. Art education, a personal eye-opener. Tomorrow I am doing this workshop with 8-year olds.


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What Font For The Language Of Art?



Magnat – Webfont by






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COOKIE JAR DE NOTRE DAME – wilsontichelaar

Macron said the greatest French artists will be commissioned to restore the grandeur of the destroyed Notre Dame.

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