Sunday t-shirt


Ave eyespired

Ave | Sunday t-shirt

seo ave sunday tshirt

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Adele in new York

– live –

New York, concert, Adele, audience, eye, phone, film, music, atmosphere, post, Facebook, worldwide, screenshot, Amsterdam, share, witness.

Watch the film till the end😀

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Happy babies on sale

The Fabric Of Home

Woensdag heb je de kans om iets uit de Happycalypse Collectie van The Fabric Of Home voor een zacht prijsje mee te nemen. Ik sta met een selectie kussens, poefs en kleden op de Weversmarkt in Hoorn, 13 juli van 10 tot 17 uur. Er zijn 185 kramen, allen hebben ze iets met een draadje, van vilt, tot kralen, stoffen, riet en fournituren, een crea Bea heaven kortom.

Wie maakt me los, ik wil met iets nieuws beginnen!😉

This Wednesday it’s bargain hunting. You can obtain a piece of the HappyCalypse Collection of The Fabric Of Home for a bargain during the Weavers Market in the pittoresk village of Hoorn. From 10 till 5 July 13, I will host one of 185 stalls offering ‘everything with a thread’, from felt to beads, fabric, wicker and haberdashery, a true sewing bee’s hive in short.

The Fabric Of Home

The Fabric Of Home

The Fabric Of Home

The Fabric Of Home

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The salon wall

Salon wall hangings

Love this!

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Thinking hat

thinking hat

thinking hat

While I was spending time under my thinking hat, my son made this poem.




or truck

it doesn’t matter


is the luck

I guess it could mean you just have to (get up to) be happy.

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Here’s a sneak preview of the work I am doing, an inspirational magazine for a large sofa company. I am almost done and took a moment to look at the flow of the lay-outs and the storyline of the magazine. I am surprised with some of the results. We all have been running to get an idea visualized, and now its getting shape. Happy with it.

Montel magazine

Atmosphere. Sunlight Mood. I did the collage in the background. Surprised to see a scribble blown up that way.

After my initial hesitation, I see the price tag as a valuable layer. I do like it. You can now quickly put the price on the magnetic atmosphere. It can be yours.

Montel magazine

Spur of the moment: the stairs where part of the location, we taped the carpet. The photographer added the glas of water. The gold paint isn’t very obvious.

You could call this an accidental picture. It wasn’t on the shoot list, but the light was right and the chair seemed to fit perfect on the top of the stairs. Brilliant how the glass catches the light, a last minute addition of the photographer, Louis Lemaire. (This an excellent of example of craftsmanship. No, a 6-year old cannot do this at  home)

Montel magazine

Ipad inspired kaleidoscopic collage of a chair

This collage is inspired by a photo filter from the iPad, the kaleidoscope. My son did some nice shots with it. We used this idea for showing single chairs. Make them more interesting.

(I did a post showing some of the iPad photos from our camping trip, Camping Seen Different, July 2013)

Montel magazine

Every household has one. The moon. Montage.

The Moon, on glass, is now part of the art collection, for sale. {Maybe put the price tag here, not mention the sofa, but the moon.} The photo was done twice, one with two girls holding up the moon, and one without girls and moon. Collage. The styling and photography is by Floor Knaapen.

Talking about atmosphere, moonshaped.

Read my story with the moon here

Moon Snack

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Feathers of a bird

fashion illustration

A bouquet of feathers – a fashion accessory, found on the street

Although I am working towards drawing and painting, I came across this image. A bundle of feathers, found on the street. Maybe part of a hat decoration, or key ring. Different animals have contributed to this bouquet.

But that’s what it is, and this how I enhanced it, in Photoshop. It is a study for how I could do it in watercolor, contrast, proportion, position. Narrative.

fashion illustration

First wash in Photoshop – bouquet of flowers found on the street

fashion illustration

Illustration made in Photoshop – A bouquet of flowers found on the street. A fashion item.

Feathers of a bird -

This could be fashion – The closest I could get to watercolor in Photoshop.

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Cover-ups and giveaways, an orientation

I am half way my life – considering I feel 88 is the limit, I am orienting the second half already – and I always felt you should never stop learning. Apparently this a a belief at the heart of Japanese culture and they live to be the eldest people on earth, so that would mean a lesson to listen to. – But again, 88 is max for me.


A screenshot of an introduction: Mary Katrantzou, new in.

I love fabric, have composed a rather large collection of it too, all future projects. Fabulous fabrics, for outfits, my own designs to wear. Or furnishings around the house. But thinking of a new field of education… fashion has always intrigued me. The stage dress of every day life, what to wear, who am I today?, fashion in magazines, the here and the up there. The clothes we wear are telling a story. High and low layers of thinking, thick and transparent, cover-ups and giveaways. It’s fun to dress up, choose materials, making a statement, creating a look or mood. (The image above is ticking all those boxes, for me, it is a matter of taste naturally.)

A Dutch museum is doing a show on fabric and pop-culture. On the poster Marilyn Monroe is dressed in a potato sack, looking radiant. I remember seeing this image before and knew this was evidence of some sort.


Marilyn in potato sack

” The exhibition Pop Art Fabrics & Fashion displays more than 200 textile and fashion designs, from the birth of pop culture in 1956 to its turbulent demise in the 1970s. Highlights include the ‘Potato Sack’ worn by Marilyn Monroe, recently discovered designs by Andy Warhol, Space Age textiles by Paco Rabanne, Op Art outfits by Mary Quant, items from Elton John’s personal wardrobe and Vivienne Westwood’s shocking shirts.” Textile museum Pop-art and fashion, untill November 2016.

Interesting to read the Elton John’s personal wardrobe is museum stuff.

“It’s not the dress, but the life you live in that dress” (that matters). Diana Vreeland said. Quotable, the woman and magazine she created: Vogue.

And that’s where I am going to start, Vogue. First pile of stuff to tackle, Vogue magazine.

For one, I love the drawings.

Infinitely elegant, the design, the look, the lettering, the pink.

Infinitely elegant, the design, the look, the lettering, the pink.

My post on Diana Vreeland and more Vogue illustration

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5 inspirations today


5 inspirations today

I bought a laminator this morning, and my son just had to use it coming back from school. After considering various pieces of paper we ended up with these bank notes from Sweden and Morocco. They were worth laminating. I just noticed birds in both notes. Funny how I always felt money means freedom (to move).


5 inspirations today

Meltow is a popular font from, it said in the newsletter today. Shelter, a word that can bring tears to your eyes.


5 inspirations today

One for a screensaver from WeTransfer today. Introducing future expressions of masculinity, mobility and freedom, a prototype BMW.


5 inspirations today

A junior doctor was one of the contestants this series of the Great Sewing Bee on BBC2. Tonight she was voted out, and on her leave she shared that sewing had liberated her. How she overcame her shame and by making her own clothes she now expresses herself and is in balance. After a long day in the office she relaxes behind her sewing machine.

5 inspirations today

A bit of background from the BBC site.


5 inspirations today

A copper bracelet I recovered from my stuff. I am wearing it again. It was a gift from my friend Nandita during our exams from art school. I needed copper she said, and it was a blast. Trying it on again. The bottom one with stripy plastic tubes is a little gem from BeadRoute, I love it, have worn it for months now. The cord is a simple and cheap one, but a good backdrop.

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Sunday t-shirt | Coma

Ave t-shirt

Ave t-shirt | Coma

An image called Coma. Like I said, a world flashed by when my nephew was fighting for his life after a motorcycle accident. He was in coma, and his luck tilted on the 5th day, after having suffered a 50/50 percent chance of making it back.


Schermafbeelding 2016-06-19 om 00.55.36

The image below of kids art, the stuff the children make in school. Never fails to inspire me.

 black and white

Black and white decorative paper balls made in school by 12-year old. Turning points.


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