Depth of field

I bought a new lens for my Sony NEX-5. The camera is in fact ‘out of range’ but I decided to invest in a portrait lens just the same, as this little body is a power station.

Today I tried it, and yes, it does work very well for product photography too – as was said in an independent online review.

I  love its depth of field.

Sony E50mmF1.8

I love the depth of field of this lens – spread from Montèl magazine, with photo by Floor Knaapen

->It’s my latest work, now in the shops: inspirational in store magazine for Montèl, the sofa company.

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Sunday t-shirt | Supermax


Sunday t-shirt | Supermax

SEO tags

Maybe not so much a lazy Sunday t-shirt in my case, I will try to move some carefully selected stuff at a car boot sale. But I have been listening to this song over the last week and love it. Turned out, the dark voice of the lead vocalist is not one of the black men in the band, it’s the thin white guy with the greasy hair. Austrian. I never knew, it’s a single I bought in the Seventies.

Love Machine

Some of many emotional replies

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full moon

A project by Ai Weiwei and Olafur Eliasson

I stumbled upon this image when I was looking up Ai Weiwei, the Chinese activist/artist whom I met last Friday.

A full moon made from what looks like hundreds of full moons grouped in a circle. Seen from a distance, many dots can become one magical big one. Like many short stories become a book, many scenes a film (for example Magnolia by Paul Thomas Anderson).

I have taken many pictures of the full moon. Trying to capture a landmark in time to memorize the situation I was in at that very moment. Complicated scenes that seem random and chaotic can become a building brick for a larger perfectly balanced narrative.

Full Moon

Moon over Anthem Arizona

full moon

A full moon as seen on the roof one night, I didn’t have a camera with me and drew it from memory. It was very bright and it turned the roof garden into a movie set. (pencil drawing 20x11cm)

full moon

Coming home one evening, a forgotten bicycle headlight projected this perfect full moon onto the wall

A snapshot in the light of a full moon to me is like a snapshot of my life, like dropping a pin on a digital map: I am here, this is going on. This way the full moon is representing a scene or a (short) story, and a collection of full moons could form a complete story, a book.

I am keeping my stories, indexed with different images of a full moon, others share their stories. Looking at the covers of the books below (pictures once taken out of fascination with the full moon image) I wonder about the stories and the context with the full moon. Why the full moon on the cover? (Somehow it always seems to make it look mysterious…)

Sharing stories in daily life is now better known as storytelling, and it is everywhere it seems. It’s definitely the new frontier in self documentation.

If you wonder if this is for you check out storyandheart

full moon

Telling stories online

Creating a great story takes a certain amount of slog and grind and magic, but it’s worth the effort. We, as people,  l o v e  to hear stories, everyday reports, jokes and great tales. And naturally we love to come together, sit around a fire, stare into the flames and listen, watching the scenes light up in our minds… A human trait implemented a loooong time ago – on a full moon night no doubt…

full moon

Never ‘too busy’ for a good story

But this is now. Modern times, modern lives. Busy times. So the media provide us with the stories, in order to get their message across. Otherwise we don’t have the time and won’t listen, we only have time for a quick story snack. Wrap the news up nicely, present it entertaining, tell us a story, and you have our attention. Briefly.

full moon

We’re in the business of storytelling…

Storytelling is a great tool for advertising, if you have the budget naturally (money=time=magic😉





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Sunday t-shirt | Ussie

Sunday t-shirt

Ave t-shirt Sunday September 18

SEO poetry

SEO poetry

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People with/without aura

Mensen zonder uitstraling

People without aura – illustration by Claudie de Cleen

Yesterday we chose the new book to read with the book club. Translates People Without Aura, by Jente Postuma. (Going by the illustration, I think I will enjoy the book, it’s great! Drawing and typography by Claudie de Cleen)

Aura/no aura was today’s theme, it seemed.

Today I met Ai Weiwei, the internationally renowned Chinese activist artist.

My friend who couldn’t be there told me to take a picture with him, I hadn’t thought about that. And I wasn’t sure if this would happen, if I had the nerve. He is god, wouldn’t want to waste his time.

I stood in line with 69 other names from the shortlist of Taschen’s online member club, who had been offered to acquire a signed copy of his new book, and meet the artist. Slowly I moved up to the table in the back of the store where it happened. When I stood in front of him I had my phone ready and quietly suggested the photo. Yes, he said, and invited me behind the table. When I didn’t handle my phone very well he took it, gently saying let me help you with that, and took a photo. That’s what happened, HE took the photo, so strictly speaking, Ai Weiwei took a selfie with me😉 Here I feel like being an apprentice on earth, reporting about stuff that can happen to you out here.


what can I say

[I have my thoughts about the selfie-centered society, and don’t normally do selfies. It is an interesting phenomena though. The funny turn here is, that my friend said to me – yesterday when I told him about my nervous plan to meet Ai Weiwei – I should not fret, he should want a picture with me. -> He was just being awfully nice.]

After that a wonderful day followed. {rainbows and unicorns spring to mind ;}


PS: Writing this post the day has passed on into early Saturday morning and on my screen a pop-up appeared saying / TAX OFFICE / IT IS TIME TO HAND IN YOUR PAPERWORK.

Serious? Serious.

I said it before, timing is everything. Aura for a day, now start your weekend thinking about your tax papers.


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Beauty on the beach

natural structures

Beauty on the beach – © photo wilma tichelaar

Of course I went on holiday to relax, but it’s very difficult not to notice beauty. These simple but amazing natural structures I found on the beach of Sicily.


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Textile Art | Inge Jacobsen

paper portrait

Woven paper collage by Inge Jacobsen – Lindberg Campaign (2013)

You need two identical images to do this.

It’s an image I kept on my desktop, not sure where I found it. I love it. Something I would like to try, with the magazines I keep, as part of my archive, my stuff. It would be a portraits of two almost identical images though, as there are hundreds of lifestyle magazines, but no doubles I’m afraid.

But I looked her up and I was, am, in awe. Jealous. Inge Jacobsen. Check her out here

Inge Jacobsen

Image by Inge Jacobsen


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Get ready

creative energy

the brief

Sometimes a tune, played out loud, hits a nerve and revs up an old idea.

The lines confining a space now seem to become the threads of an idea catcher – as a take on the popular dream catcher.

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Call to soul

soul graffiti

Read the signs

A word that had to be sprayed on the wall, see it with silver lining under a bridge over the river Amstel.

I first saw it while I passed it in a boat, rowing. It made me think. A month later I went back by bike to see if was still there and I took the picture.

Also, a B-side I discovered, had it for years, but now heard it for the first time. (Played it on my Stanton turntable and ace little speakers, in the living room, the sun was shining and it was morning) Love it.



Happy Tuesday, as our guest Thelma would say. A merry spirit.

Fits this song. It made me time travel, when my son played it on the car stereo on our way back from the summer holiday, spending the last and longest hot day on the German Autobahn, standing still.

The title translates ‘wasps on the appel pie’, you get the idea.




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Sunday t-shirt


Ave eyespired

Ave | Sunday t-shirt

seo ave sunday tshirt

More Sunday t-shirts here

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