Today’s Inspiration | Teacher Of The Year In Washington, Robin Hand


Teacher Of The Year. From GatesNotes.



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In Case You Missed This | Charles ‘Lil Buck’ Riley doing the Dying Swan from The Swan Lake


In Holland we have a longrunning tv show called Zomergasten (Summer Guests) on Sunday evenings during the summer holiday. The guest sits opposite the show host in front of  a giant screen on which favorite fragments of film, documentary, music – all sorts – are shown, while they have an interesting conversation.

This week the guest was Maxime Februari, the Dutch writer philosopher, who served us food for thought.

Charles Lil Buck performing the Dying Swan was one of the captivating fragments.

An excellent example of an artist carving his own space, making The Swan Lake’s classic ballet His Own.

5 reasons to watch Maxime Februari on Zomergasten.

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Our New Mecca | Autostadt Wolfsburg

Autostadt seen from Wolfsburg’s Hauptbahnhof, platform 7, this Wednesday. Our newly discovered Mecca: my son now wants to go there every year. For an update.


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The Nature Of Things | Lungs Are Our Tree Inside

Resin Cast of Lung Bronchi | Photographic Print at

Lungs are our tree inside, is what I found out recently (!).

I always imagined them like this, sort of…

Two pieces of meat, the factory where oxygen is processed.

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Our Room For Rent

Our room for rent.

I made a new postcard for the guestroom.

It looked like this, back in 2013.

Our room for rent | 2013

Check it out here

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Must See | When They See Us

When They See Us – Illustration Richie Pope, The New Yorker

I just finished watching the meticulous, breathtaking horror depicted in the popular Netflix series When They See Us. A series telling the story of the wrongfully convicted groep of five young black boys, the case know as the Central Park Jogger Case, or Harlem 5. They went to prison from 4 to 12 years. Gruesome. At times I cried, choked up, clenched my fists and even shouted Bitch! at the screen at some point.

I dreaded the second evening, The Second Half of this test of endurance to wear the glasses of truth, for the duration of the show.

A must see.


Yusef Salaam is one of the notorious Harlem 5, telling his story after being acquitted.

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NEW WORK | Au dessus du canapé | Nice 2019

NEW WORK | Au dessus du canapé | Nice 2019 – wilsontichelaar©


I worked on something I did earlier. Last summer I spent time in the dark room, printing old negatives. It’s an image of a little souvenir I treasured but lost.

the music here

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Amsterdam Sunset

Amsterdam Sunset | View onto the basin in front of the camping site Zeeburg

I like to cycle and this is what I saw the other day, only a mile away.

Amsterdam Sunset – View of the cranes on the building site of the new borough Amsterdam Cruquis Wharf


A ship with a load of sand on it’s way to the North Sea (?), seen from the Nescio Bridge.

The sun setting over the Amsterdam-Rijn Canal. During the day I like to read the names of the ships, as if they mean something.

On trips during the day I like to read the names of the ships, as if they mean something.


Deltatrans (From Delfzijl!)

Midlife c
Zuid Holland

14 No

Adriaan Pieter

De Volharding
La Vida
So Long

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Color Inspiration | New York

A travel inspiration article on the stone colors of New York City I did (The Fabric of Home did) for the latest issue of MrWoon magazine. I was in NY last October, when I took the pictures. It stood out like a theme.

second spread

last spread

Looking forward to visiting again next October 🙂

[now play the music]

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Freddy Mercury Doing A Smokey Robinson

Marble Texture_01 – The first from a collection marble prints – Free downloadable marble print by Shutterstock


Staring at the fabulous marble pattern for maybe just a moment too long, I started to see the face of Freddy Mercury…

…which reminded me of… the wonderful rare recording that was handed to me on a special playlist, composed by a fellow student at the artist in school course BIK, Christine.

It’s Freddy doing a Smokey 😉

The Man | The Moustache



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