View From The Only Window

ARCHIVE | 49/94 | My first address in Amsterdam was number 49, the view from the only window in the room on my arrival. It has a special place in the home I live in now. At number 94.

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Time To Protest

Protest | The Snowman wants a say too – TFOH

Every thing of beauty is worth protesting for,

is what I thought when I saw the unhappy face of the snowman, in my archive.

Yes we did have winters and it is a thing of beauty, one of the exhilarating  conditions of our planet. Worth fighting for.

And since we are experiencing a peculiar window in time, in which NOW seems to be the time to speak up for yourself and protest, I gave it a voice.

Let winter be.


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The Only Child Badge

BLUE PEN | I was – and still am – a Jackson Browne fan – wilson tichelaar ©2019

I was listening to an old favorite, the song The Only Child by Jackson Browne.

As a teenager in college I proudly wore a badge with his name, drawn with a blue pen, selfmade as a gift by a gorgeous 18-year old admirer. It read Jackson Brown, the ‘e’ was forgotten. (He died when I told him. So adorable when I think of it now 🙂

It was similar to the image above which I made from memory.


Tumbling from my memory while listening to the lyrics the story is now filled with so much more detail (!) compared to when I first loved it. Now that I have a son, an only child, I love it even more. But the feeling is the exactly the same, like a breathtaking inescapable truth.


I love the sleeve design too: There’s protest in The Pretender done in spray paint. A busy sidewalk in an American City in the Seventies. Jackson is a face in the crowd, but wearing a simple white t-shirt. Art direction and design – Gary Burden, Front cover photo – Tom Kelley.

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Grow Your Own

PAGES | 27062020 | My First Beans


A page for my visual diary:

Today I harvested my first batch of roof-terrace-grown beans 🙂



what was it again with beans? I Googled it:


The meaning of Beans, according to the urban dictionary


Ok, all beans invited! 


What’s not to like? | The meaning of Beans, according to the urban dictionary




I am amazed by the number of thumbs down. What’s not to like?!




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What I Want To Know

Screenshot | Search result for Bead covered in folded fabric


An image on a Google page of search results. What I want wasn’t in the front of my thoughts, but it stopped me all together.

I wasn’t looking for the switch, but it seems it is out there. The How To get whatever you want.

{You could read misery in that, but actually it is the beginning of an adventure. What if…?}

When I first noticed the image above amidst colorful examples of beads covered in fabric, it was small, whispering to me, catching my attention.

They are vulva-shapes.

What’s the story?


PS | 20 JUNE 2020 (one of the shortest nights) |

I would like to use a landing page for the question above: How to get what you want.

An overview of homepages to fairy offerings.

Get it here. 

Lotteries, fashion shops, plastic surgery, cars, holidays


What is on offer in the style and pazzaz departement?


I would like to know.



PS 2 |

I did a quick search on Google images and it shows a lot of self-help books.


How to get what you want -and then in smaller print – without having to ask, is the title of the very first image.

Is it maybe the best sold book?

We are struggling with it?

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Media | Mouth Mask

Mouth mask Minnie

A 3-layer face mask I made for a friend. A cat lady, mother of two red ones, brother and sister.

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PS 19072020 | There’s an increase of personalized masks for sale. Here’s a few:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



PS | 27062020: Here’s a stylish selection curated by VOGUE available online.



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A Find

Superstition 3 TFOH = wilson tichelaar

Today I came across the work of Soraya Basiran through I love Illustration. Great style. Something in the pattern reminded me of the work of Hamid El Kanbouhi, who’s work I admire and wrote about. Both images of a now-woman.

The poster of the Damien Hirst exhibition arrived by courier from London. Bought it through King & McGaw online. A find.

The shape of the butterfly echos the shape of the dress on the Vogue model, all patterns double on the wings.

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Daily Life Discipline

HELLO HELLO | A note that I was presented with by my son, about 11 years old at the time – wilson tichelaar


I took the pictures AFTER the event.

I was in my room – this is a few years ago – sitting at my desk, talking on the phone. My son, who was about 11 years old at the time and was in primary school , must have been trying to get my attention to talk to me, as he – suddenly, to me – pushed a sheet of paper in my view. He had written down what he wanted to say.


And then another sheet:


YOU’VE BEEN ON THE PHONE FOR AN HOUR NOW | A note that I was presented with by my son, about 11 years old at the time – wilson tichelaar



I didn’t realize…

And then slipping in the blow:


I AM NOT GOING TO ROWING PRACTICE | A note that I was presented with by my son, about 11 years old at the time – wilson tichelaar





He had thought about it.



An example of practical discipline in daily life

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Blanket by The Fabric Of Home

Circle Of Life Blanket – The Fabric Of Home – wilson tichelaar ©2020

It’s a baby blanket from the Blue Print Resort Collection by The Fabric Of Home. And stumbling upon the image I suddenly saw the canvas.

These are African patterns, full of hidden meaning in symbols and designs.

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Coincidence, surely

Visual Memory – TFOH – wilson tichelaar

An image from my archive I stumbled upon.


The upper part is a corner of my room with a friend’s painting on the wall. (It’s a picture of me and my son in an open, sun-drenched field, surrounded by trees, delivering the high contrast.)

This painting was once photoshopped onto the wall, in an inspirational interior photo, when I was working for the interior design magazine that published it, back in 2008, 2009? It was shown on the cover of the magazine, against a green background, above a sofa. It had looked a bit ‘baren’, the photo ‘needed something’ and we decided to put this in. Done, no biggie, problem solved.

The lower part* of the image above is a screenshot I took years later. The painted canvas on the shelve rang a bell in the back of my mind… what was it?? And then I realized it’s the same painting, upside down, against another green background. I saw it an online article by a paint brand in 2019, promoting green.

It struck me – hence the screenshot – Someone involved in making this picture must have seen the original photo – And tried to recreate the feeling 🙂

Or is this a coincidence? And am I just a very visually orientated person?


*) The image is actually one shot: The promo picture is on the screen in my room, where in the back you see the painting.


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