The Story Of The Golden Rock

Magnum Square Print | Steve McCurry | The Golden Rock beneath Kyaiktiyo Pagoda. Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar. 1994.

It’s the MAGNUM SQUARE PRINT time of year again!

An excellent occasion to acquire a true little gem: A signed (or estate stamped) photo by one of the photographers from the illustrious Magnum agency, for $100 a print only.

Such as Steve McCurry’s work, pictured above.

It is not just the beauty of the image, but the story that comes with it definitely adds to it. I simply l o  v e   browsing the images, reading the stories, connecting to the slices of life – or imagination, for that matter.

The story behind (the tipping point of) the golden rock above is this:

“Pilgrims from all over Myanmar have visited the magical Golden Rock at Kyaiktiyo Pagoda for centuries. It is burnished with prayers and gold leaf applied by devotees. According to legend, a single strand of hair from the Buddha’s head keeps the rock balanced precariously on the edge of a precipice.”

The sale lasts another




46 seconds…

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Eddie Van Halen Died

The Eddie Van Halen classic stripy pattern close-up | (…) Eddie’s famed striped paint job, a licensed-Fender Stratocaster headstock and single volume Strat-style skirt knob that reads “Tone.” The volume knobs houses a 500K EVH Bourns low friction pot with treble bleed circuit for seamless swells. From EVHgear

Today started with the sad news of Eddie Van Halen’s death. The immortal master of the crazy genius guitar riffs. Happy Hard Rock someone coined it on the radio, trying to catch in words the joy and natural ease of EVH’s play.

This song I carry with me ever since my very first iPhone (2008). At the time, starting the day needed a little oompf 😉


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Bleeding Groove & Rap


One of my favorite tunes Summer In The City by Quincy Jones remastered by Tha Pharcyde,

a g e s a g o w o w o w w

but on repeat today 🙂

-> lyrics here


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“I Just Knew I Know Nothing”


You may know I am a big fan of Will Smith and I just stumbled upon this video talk –

and  l o v e  it,

haven’t finished watching it yet,

but need to share NOW!

(Read my fanmail on the Smith’s here 😉


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Good Work

Screenshot | 2020-08-20 at 00.00.10 – The end of the day Wednesday August 19 – Still Corona Times – wilson tichelaar TFOH

The last message I sent to our designer yesterday, just now. We’re working on a magazine. Deadline met at midnight. Good work 🙂

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Furry Senses

Bonnie’s Fur | The Fabric Of Home – image wilson tichelaar

Tonight when the thunderstorm broke, for the first time since the heatwave, Bonnie decided to sit on my lap. You can tell why.

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Poetry In Daily Life | Fence & Clouds

Fence & Clouds – The Fabric Of Home – wilson tichelaar


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Audrey, Tina, Marilyn, Diana, Suzy and Vivienne Greyed Out – wilson tichelaar

Greyout is a word I read today and I didn’t know it.

I looked it up.

Grey Out – On Wikipedia

I followed the recipe – the dimming of light and color – on the image of the dahlias above.

! Turning it into an image that could be part of a collection of Japanese prints, early work from the Museum Of Tokyo. Read the post on these wonderful images here.

An original Japanese print


-> Oh no, nowhere near, inspired by would be a more accurate label.

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Dahlia Time

PAGES 24072020 | It’s Dahlia Time again – Image © wilson tichelaar

It’s Dahlia Time again, making my day 🙂

Dahlia flower opening over a period of four days

Filmed by Neil Bromhall for

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It Wasn’t Always Like This

The view across the canal years ago. From the city’s archives – Stadsarchief Amsterdam

Looking at my latest post – the view across the canal from my room on the top floor – I wondered about the barracks that once stood there when it was home to a cavalerie division.

I went to The Amsterdam Archives online.

I live in one of the houses along the canal. The triangular
tympanum is still there, right across, behind the new apartment blocks.

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