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re-post 10 03 2016 | iforinspiration

I just read about the cranes again on this blog.

The story about Priem’s Perky Papershop,

read it here.

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Menacing curtain



Seen in Milan by Lasut en Braun Amsterdam | Seen by thefabricofhome


A photo sent to me by Lasut en Braun, interior architects, based in Amsterdam. An illustration of a room divider, a subject they tackle in the new magazine I am working on at the moment. They caught the the moment when they spotted this scene at the Milan fair Salone di Mobile recently… good eye.

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Style, a steppingstone

style motto

PAGES| 08032018 | Style


A spread I made today for a new magazine I am working on.

The picture on the left is from the new lookbook of TOAST. The picture on the right I took last week, when I visited the peninsula of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, looking down the cliff.

The quote by Diane Vreeland:

“ You gotta have style. It helps you get down the stairs. It helps you get up in the morning. It’s a way of life. Without it you’re nobody.”


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Sweet lesson on life

  • – ARTIS loves all forms of life. But how should we see life? –

Stumbled upon through the WePresent Lucky Dip, where creative stories are chosen at random. 

A nice surprise while waiting for your files to flash through the WeTransfer portal.

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The Optimism of Breakfast

Maira Kalman Optimism

Publication: New Yorker
Image Type: Illustration
Date: July 22nd, 2013
Description: The Optimism of Breakfast
Available: Condé Nast


I just found this image for sale on Condé Nast’s online print shop.

I  l o v e the work of Maira Kalman, and to me it’s a direct line to New York City, the situation described above even more so.

It made me look up The Cup and Saucer Café, and see, this is the feeling, exactly this shot. Looking at the women in the picture, it could be a study/snapshot by Kalman herself, just before she immortalizes them in gouache 🙂

breakfast in NY

The Cup and Saucer on the Lower East Side-Chinatown, just before closing down on Canal Street last July. They were looking for a more affordable address for the old-school diner, they tell the NY Eater (.com) Photo Robert Sietsema

Looking forward to my breakfast in NYC later this year!

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Mimosa means Spring


PAGES 25 02 2018 | Mimosa means Spring

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Note to self



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Start of Britt fandom

Ave t-shirt

Start of Britt Fandom | Britt | 17022018 | AVE t-shirt

My Sunday Ave t-shirt this week is dedicated to Britt Dekker. An angel.

Last week she appeared in DWDD, a daily talkshow on Dutch tv, her typical candid banter making an impression:

She shared her admiration for her childhood heroes, a love that made her realize a dentist was a greater hero than a talkshow host. Hilarious. Refreshing.

She touched a sensitive subject from the national headlines by relating the story of her father, who was deadly injured, and gave up his organs for transplantation and saved six lives already by his brave act. Made people think.

And while most people know her from Take Me Out, a blind dating show on national tv, it turns out she is a runner up for best amazone in dressage. She has always been a horse girl, she knows love involves hard work.

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An inspiration for a series of –join the movement– t-shirs, and my feeling is, there will be more. I feel love 🙂

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