A Feel For Drama

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Spring is at the doorstep and the 7-year olds in school are drawing the cycle of life, i.e. that of a tree, to start simple. Also the technique is kept elementary: crayons. While cropping the images I noticed that some children have a more vivid idea of spring than others, but most of them draw some red fruit or blossom? in a light green cloud, {what is it? I realize I have to interview the artists!} others draw a light green swirl of lines, which is more common.

BUT! Half a year later, the images of the autumn tree have definitely a feel for drama and excitement to them; I see a vulcano, a candyfloss, a fire, a parachute and even a dinosaur! How beautiful the metaphors when you think of it: bloom is over, foliage is changing colour, a lot of red, then brown, crumbling, then falling, leaving the branche bare-naked.

But maybe I read too much in it 😉

Nature is still an inspiration to many great artists, so here is the work of a pro: a drawing on the iPad by David Hockney. [He embraces the new medium and goes out into nature and draws straight onto the iPad, using a drawing app.] It seems that he has found a way to mix 4 seasons in this one drawing of a bushkindoftree: bare branches, light green baby leaf stars, juicy dot shaped leaves, and some discoloured stuff fallen off. On the spot.

david-hockney - ipad drawing -crumpetcottage.com

david-hockney – ipad drawing -crumpetcottage.com

A great documentary on David Hockney and the iPad to be seen on youtube

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