Blessing in disguise

Because my iPhone was stolen last month I tried to use an old SonyEricsson while arranging something new. The phone’s a dinosaure from my first days of motherhood, and it turned out to have some splendid pictures of my baby son! Now, seeing this one for example, more than 7 years later, I suddenly notice the greatest theme of all: Mother and Child! Although in this case it’s the father and child, the way the baby is wrapped in a blanket, the protecting hand, the bowed head, and look! the two fingers! There are a few paintings of the Madonna with the Baby Jesus raising two fingers in blessing, how weird to see it in my snapshot..

Father and Child ©wilma tichelaar

Father and Child ©wilma tichelaar

Or is it a natural thing for a babyhand to do? and was this copied unto canvas by the painters when using a baby as a model for Jesus Christ? And only after art critics would explain the gesture as ‘blessing’? Who knows?



Anyway, what I really like about these found phone pictures is the graininess, as if the photo is not a photo but a plate of beads, or shown on a huge screen. This is because I don’t have the cable anymore, to tranfer them to the computer, and so I took a picture of the screen of the phone. I think it works  great with nature images! “Life on earth, as spotted by an extraterrestrial scout”. Gran’s Carpet for example 🙂

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relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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