Your room is ready

Summer 2019,Room with canal view – Casanostra Amsterdaam

[april 2013:]

Your room is ready! 🙂 After some work and play the front room on the second floor is no longer a shed. Actually, you could sit here, have a drink and watch the world go by. This is our new guest room, for rent. {imagine the trees green again}

It was a joy to re-use as many materials as possible, making it a cosy corner, a homy place to stay in Amsterdam. The doors behind the bed for example are from the original house and the toile de jouy wallpaper was long kept for a special project. The bench by the window -which is also a storage, see post I made this- was home made out of an old post cabinet and laths, also saved from our house before the renovation. The table was a gift from my sister and the chairs found in the street, just around the corner. The vintage green glas lamp I once found in a charity shop, handmade and in mint condition, absolute bargain.

For your comfort a new boxspring bed was installed, a minibar and a machine, which our son loves to call ‘the breakfast station’, with enough functions to produce coffee, tea and toast. The minibar will not come empty ofcourse 😉

At a cost of €48 per night, with a minimum of 2 nights you can stay just off the centre of town, close to the zoo and around the corner from Amsterdam’s famous windmill cum brewery Het IJ. If you would like to have your breakfast in bed, you could stay a weekend for €120.

This week I will create a page (in the top bar on this blog) about the room and facilities. I can show you where it came from, from the shed it used to be and beyond that; what it looked like before the renovation, before we moved in even. It’s been a project of many years and with this now finished the house starts to look like a proper town house, our home in Oost. {Which I will introduce further to you, see post (B)OOST}

For information or bookings just drop us a line through ‘comments’, your text will not automatically show on the blog.


PS | november 2019

The room has seen many make-overs and the price doubled. Worth it. Who would have thought. This summer I got a surprise package from San Fransisco: A gold key hanger from Airbnb, for earning 20 times Superhost status in a row, meaning 5 years of dedication.

A trophy host 😀


2019 – the summer before the large bed was installed

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  1. vincent says:

    Too bad I live in Amsterdam. Would love to stay…

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