Dawn today

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I drove a friend to the airport early morning, and after coming back I sat on the roof with my camera, to witness dawn. I find the start of a new day phenomenal, even on this cloudy morning.

Allergic to mornings said the Snoopy sweater I wore as a teenager, showing the famous dog lying on his tummy on the roof of his doghouse, {my mum bought it} and that hasn’t changed. Not really, although I am a mother now and have to do the waking up, it just means I am a lifetime behind in sleep. Let’s say the morning is just not my best part of the day, especially before coffee. {Strictly speaking, before coffee it is still dead of night.} But when I do get outdoors when everybody else is asleep, I love it.

I love to sit on the roof any time of day, but when the sun rises over the city, making the birds sing, it is magical.

PS: A tune to go with the images, starting the day in a mellow way, from the Daft Punk album Random Access Memories -including Up all night to get lucky– the mesmerizing tune of Beyond. Note: The first 30 seconds the music seems to prepare us for a spaceship landing, but then a ‘mellow robot tune’ {as my friend called it in the car, when we zapped to the airport via the midnight motorway} will come and lift you up… I played it all day.

About Wilson Tichelaar

relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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