Making a home


We live in a former project home in Amsterdam, in which a group of 5 families converted three neglected apartement buildings into 5 new family homes. My neighbor has spent 4 years to finish her flat, doing (almost) e v e r y t h i n g herself. Next to a full-time job (nothing to do with DIY!!). An intense hobby.

When finished, everything looked white and bright and brilliantly organized, but I was asked to help with decorating. The compliments didn’t work, she felt it was a hospital and it should be a home, a cosy nest, that would attract the right tenant, since her family has grown over the last 4 years, and is now too large to fit this small but ever so clever city flat.

It has 3 floors in total and every one has it’s own function: a living floor, kitchen floor and bed and bath floor. As far as a briefing goes: “make the house a home.” And “include this painting” (more on that in the next post, as it seems one little thingy, but ofcourse wasn’t).

Here’s the kitchen.

home make-over Amsterdam

AFTER everything has come together, except for one teal colored chair that didn’t arrive, yet…


home make-over Amsterdam

A white wall doesn’t necessarily make the kitchen look more spacious




home make-over Amsterdam

The glossy coating for the table top was mixed to match the color of the stairs. The leg construction is made of Kee clamp.

home make-over Amsterdam

After: The radiators under the windows are boxed in, creating a lovely window seat overlooking the canal. The cutaway front will transfer the warmth of the radiators.


home make-over Amsterdam

The table top is made from scaffolding timber. The color mixed to match and rock hard.


home make-over Amsterdam

After: The radiators under the windows are boxed in, creating a lovely spot overlooking the canal


home make-over Amsterdam

After: With the map of Amsterdam on the wall behind the worktop, the depth of space has increased considerably: now there is a view!


home make-over Amsterdam

The kitchen as seen from the stairs.


home make-over Amsterdam

After: The wallpaper is a DIY wallpaper from HEMA. Good quality paper, and the details are superb. Easy to compose and order online at

The only thing… I wanted a round table, I love round tables, they bring people together!, but it wasn’t my call. My neighbor – the client 😉 – felt very strong about a rectangular table, so I looked into it. I decided max 4 chairs for this space, in case of a square in the middle of the room, not 6. And a smaller table then suggested.  The table top was made in a timber workshop from scaffolding timber and the legs were constructed in the kitchen, from Keeclamp components. The finish we thought should be a glossy paint to reflect the light, and the color a matching non-color to make a perfect backdrop. It is the color of the carpet on the stairs, but the different materials make it look more like shades of the same color, ton-sûr-ton. Taupe. It’s a tough table to balance the city slickness.

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