Moon snack


Lost but Found

I am so happy to have found my map of the moon again! It was among the rest of the wall hangings that I swapped for a new composition. I have a picture of where it was, for a long time, the one below. In 2013 I showed it on my blog, it was about the flowers in the front.


I am fascinated by the moon, and have kept images of it, and taken pictures of it when full, things like that. Always aware of it. {Maybe I’ll put the map in my bedroom, on the dark blue wall}

But! a real zest was injected in Arizona last summer. Where, surprisingly, I stumbled upon the newspaper of the very day Man Walked On The Moon. A ‘life’ report, interviews, family of the astronauts, ads, pictures, politics.

After reading it back to front, if I have learned one thing: While Neil Armstrong planted his flag on the moon, back on earth, in Detroit, people were out in the park, no television around, enjoying life, having a picnic.

Enjoying food is (maybe more?) important.



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relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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