Corners of my world

I collect stuff, maybe too much, and one of the tricks to declutter the space is to hang it on the walls, creating little stories.

corner decoration

Would you believe that I found the mirror on the street. Outside the Spanish embassy here in Amsterdam one night. The offices were moving, chucking stuff out, and this was placed against a tree.
The postcards are from the current exhibition in the Van Gogh Museum. The wall is made from wood saved from the original attic, what this is now.

corner decoration

In the painting the yellow road leads up to a celeste blue church. I found it in a charity shop. The curtain is some special make fabric, which I obtained when working for a home and living magazine. The seamstress Mrs. Poulain (but everyone can call the lady Meta) did a fabulous job creating this curtain, with classic pleads at the top and a lead cord in the bottom seam to fit the window perfectly lush. She knows about fabric.


corner decoration

They painting is done by a 12-year old, I bought it in a school action. The radio pillow is from Italy. It was a candy stash.

corner decoration

The Maria statue came back from London. It once belonged to Marc Almond, apparently. I found it on the street with some holy relatives. (Joseph carrying the baby fell to pieces)

corner decoration

I framed the cover of an old book about London. Black and white photography. I pass it several times a day. The V is for Vito ofcourse.

corner decoration

This is over my bedside table. A painting by Jason Rinaldi reproduced, the starry field. Under it a picture of one of the lifeboats from the Titanic, torn from a calendar by Taschen. The shirt is from Best of British by Marcs&Spencer.

About Wilson Tichelaar

relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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