Motion blur


Selfie 20.160.417.225.602

Motion blur. Rewinding the tape from here, what road lead up to this image?

Last week I visited Milan and spoke to a few designers about their work on show. Whenever I was asked what my interest was, was it professional? my mind went racing, looking for a comprehensive answer. There are many angles to the story, many reasons why I was there, I work in home and living, I run a brand in home accessories, I love fabric, I love Italy, it was all planned carefully, and although I couldn’t say what exactly I would use the impressions for, I just wanted to take it all in, fill my mind, and let it work for me. Be inspired.

Very frustrating I didn’t have the right (business)card with me, iforinspiration!

Back home I realize I do do a lot. A lot of different things too. I work as a freelance art director, am a single parent, live with my bright 11-year old son, I run a bed&breakfast from home, write a daily blog about inspiration, am part of a book club, I row, try to travel and have social life.

[And I started a project selling bracelets to raise money to help a school in Africa, BeadRoute. Wasn’t sure I should mention it, but it is a project close to my heart, and I can tell more about it soon.]

So yeah, there’s a bit of motion blur in my selfie. 😉


The next thing in selfies


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