People with/without aura

Mensen zonder uitstraling

People without aura – illustration by Claudie de Cleen

Yesterday we chose the new book to read with the book club. Translates People Without Aura, by Jente Postuma. (Going by the illustration, I think I will enjoy the book, it’s great! Drawing and typography by Claudie de Cleen)

Aura/no aura was today’s theme, it seemed.

Today I met Ai Weiwei, the internationally renowned Chinese activist artist.

My friend who couldn’t be there told me to take a picture with him, I hadn’t thought about that. And I wasn’t sure if this would happen, if I had the nerve. He is god, wouldn’t want to waste his time.

I stood in line with 69 other names from the shortlist of Taschen’s online member club, who had been offered to acquire a signed copy of his new book, and meet the artist. Slowly I moved up to the table in the back of the store where it happened. When I stood in front of him I had my phone ready and quietly suggested the photo. Yes, he said, and invited me behind the table. When I didn’t handle my phone very well he took it, gently saying let me help you with that, and took a photo. That’s what happened, HE took the photo, so strictly speaking, Ai Weiwei took a selfie with me 😉 Here I feel like being an apprentice on earth, reporting about stuff that can happen to you out here.


what can I say

[I have my thoughts about the selfie-centered society, and don’t normally do selfies. It is an interesting phenomena though. The funny turn here is, that my friend said to me – yesterday when I told him about my nervous plan to meet Ai Weiwei – I should not fret, he should want a picture with me. -> He was just being awfully nice.]

After that a wonderful day followed. {rainbows and unicorns spring to mind ;}


PS: Writing this post the day has passed on into early Saturday morning and on my screen a pop-up appeared saying / TAX OFFICE / IT IS TIME TO HAND IN YOUR PAPERWORK.

Serious? Serious.

I said it before, timing is everything. Aura for a day, now start your weekend thinking about your tax papers.


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