Death to a child

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The cards above are from a project in school about death. Close to the school is a cemetery and  people from their exhibition space, came to the school to explain about the rituals of death and burial and did this project.

Today I said goodbye to my grandmother who died at the age of 94. Back at my desk I opened the folder of pictures I took in the school, and for the first time, really looked at them. Here’s a few that somehow speak to me, that I can relate to.

This wisdom in the unconditioned expression of young children makes me wonder.


Time travel – Some say children are from where we are going, they are closer to what we want to know, the place where we are from. What amazes me is a young child using the words ‘traveling in time’


Caring – A young child able to use the word for unconditioned love, ‘caring’.


Stupid – The frustration of death, being stuck with it.


Important – This intrigues me. It says ‘important’, ‘inevitable’, ‘incredibly strong’. And the image of a sturdy tree.


Mandala – Everything is drawn together in a mandala shape. Hearts and a chessboard.


Endure – After having said farewell the order to endure.

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