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While looking through my archive I stumbled upon the snapshots I took of magic trees – Arbre Magique –  the cardboard scent diffusers you buy to customize your carriage with the right smell, maybe something magical.

I love my car – Black Pine

Arbre Magique – Fruit cocktail

Arbre Magique – Jasmin & Narcissus

Arbre Magique – Pino

Arbre Magique – Cashmere Flower

Arbre Magique – Frutti Di Bosco

Arbre Magique – Violet & Gardena

Arbre Magique – Fresh Water

Arbre Magique – Tartare Cologne


It reminded me of the conversation I had with a fireman at 4 am last week.

I had called  the police – urgent but not 911 – after waking up in the middle of the night to the smell of fire, a wood burning fire, smoky. The open window had let in a suspicious smell and  after checking the house and the roof, I realized I would not sleep, so I called the police – yes it was that frightening. To hear if they maybe knew about a fire close by that I couldn’t see.

They forwarded my call to the fire station. A friendly fireman told me there was no activity in my area and that I should go back to sleep, close the window.

I did not sleep very well.

The next day I found out it was the wood burning stove next door the neighbors had left in the hands of a group of doctors, guests, over in Amsterdam for a congress. They had come home at 1 am, noisy. And after some debriefing they tried to light the stove. Didn’t go well.

Room full of smoke, windows in the front open, smoke climbing up to my window.


Smoke, a house on fire, is not the kind of smell for a magic tree.


Arbre Magique – Holy Smoke

Arbre Magique – Holy Smoke

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