Mona Lisa Now

PAGES | 141219 | Die Zeit. Mona Lisa’s smile on the cover of Die Zeit, the German newspaper, about 515 years after it was captured by Leonardo de Vinci.

Die Zeit on Leonardo da Vinci here

About the origins of the painting here


The picture above is in my archive, and it suits the moment.

My cousin is staying here and we don’t see each other often. Since the last time I saw her there’s been some private turbulence, which we discussed, but we also went down Memory Lane and retold some stories from our holiday together when we were 18. Camping on the Adriatic. Two friends joined us, 4 Dutch girls, heading off.

When we saw Italy for the first time, it turns out, it felt the same to the both of us. A world opened up to us, and it felt like home that we never knew.

We weren’t really close for a while, but then I reconnected with her, after I had found the negative of a photo I took on the train on our way to Italy. I made the print in the darkroom I rented for a summer school of sorts, to make some work.

It is her, Linda, in the train to Italy, everything in front of her.

We had a few good laughs, we know now.

PAGES | Die Zeit – Linda, 1985 – wilson tichelaar

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