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Tidying up my desktop, stuff I collect, in an actual folder called DESKTOP. I just need a clean desktop to be able to concentrate when I am working. So I do pick up a lot of images, but put them aside, for the moment. (God! isn’t it all about discipline? Now that I think of it, it seems so. I have a few conscious decades under my belt and in my experience a lot comes from (having a goal and) actually doing it. Be discipled and do what you have to do first – and then – maybe – you can do what you would really really want. Hmm, makes me think… of the grid of the spaces in between stacked rocks)

Anyway, what I really enjoy is putting these images together. Just for me, because I like them and like to combine them, make something new, a kind of visual story. Diary style.

And keep the results in another folder, of course 😉 But I also like to share what caught my eye in a certain way.

…in a certain way,

reminds me of a series I am watching – and l o v e  –  on Netflix: The EDDY. Great story on a Parisian jazz club, run by a troubled American soulman. Components thrown together it’s a mix of thriller, detective and life stories, shot in a jazzy style with an amazing live soundtrack. It may be messy, but in a very professional artist way.

Some background on the soundtrack The EDDY


FROM MY DESKTOP | MAY 2020 – wilson tichelaar

FROM MY DESKTOP | MAY 2020 – wilson tichelaar





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relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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