Coincidence, surely

Visual Memory – TFOH – wilson tichelaar

An image from my archive I stumbled upon.


The upper part is a corner of my room with a friend’s painting on the wall. (It’s a picture of me and my son in an open, sun-drenched field, surrounded by trees, delivering the high contrast.)

This painting was once photoshopped onto the wall, in an inspirational interior photo, when I was working for the interior design magazine that published it, back in 2008, 2009? It was shown on the cover of the magazine, against a green background, above a sofa. It had looked a bit ‘baren’, the photo ‘needed something’ and we decided to put this in. Done, no biggie, problem solved.

The lower part* of the image above is a screenshot I took years later. The painted canvas on the shelve rang a bell in the back of my mind… what was it?? And then I realized it’s the same painting, upside down, against another green background. I saw it an online article by a paint brand in 2019, promoting green.

It struck me – hence the screenshot – Someone involved in making this picture must have seen the original photo – And tried to recreate the feeling đŸ™‚

Or is this a coincidence? And am I just a very visually orientated person?


*) The image is actually one shot: The promo picture is on the screen in my room, where in the back you see the painting.


About Wilson Tichelaar

relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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