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About me – Wilma Tichelaar – iforinspiration.com

Hello, and thank you for stopping by and taking an interest in my blog 🙂 I am the Relentless hunter and gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small, behind these pages, which for now means: here you find the stuff that makes me think, that inspires me, that I envy and am passionate about.

I started this blog in February 2013, trying to organize my interests, and redirect my career as a professional creative after a Very Busy Period In The Office. {I used to work about 50 hours per week – as chief creative officer of a start-up in home & living, now called Westwing – while being a single parent with a young child… Not easy. I loved my job and did not consider it work – Do what you love, remember? – but on the home front, not good.}

Summer 2013 I started The Fabric Of Home, a label in interior accessories, using traditional fabrics in a new way. It had a webshop and (still has) the social media platforms that come with it, but now it is more about trend spotting and concept making, mainly for home & living related publications.

The Fabric Of Home site

The Fabric Of Home


The Fabric Of Home


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That year I also became a host for Airbnb. An organization not so well known as today, but still, right from the start people came to stay with us, and really loved the room. Three years later we had over 250 guests from all over the world and they rated it a superstay, me superhost. Truly awesome. This means a lot to me, to us, my son is now 11 and we had a special good time with some of them!

Airbnb host



Right now I work as a freelance art director and concept maker for interior magazines and lifestyle books. The Fabric Of Home is my company.

But! About the person behind this blog:

I have always had ‘the eye’ for inspiration, and I see it as a gift, but also an assignment: always make the most of it, you’re obliged to your talent.

Ok, without going into a long CV here’s a list: My 6 most defining achievements:

– Move to Amsterdam

– Go to art school, getting a degree in graphic design

– Quit my job as a designer to become a full-time student again, training as a concept maker

– Move to London, without knowing anybody over there and find a job in advertising, and make great friends

– Become mother to a clever boy, who brings out the best and the worst in me

– Smile in the face of adversity, always  😉

——PIX ABOVE—– 1 – At some point I collected ‘ugly’ folders to paper my kitchen wall 2 – Our dining area / home gallery 3 – Being a professional creative I am lucky to earn my living through my passion 4 – Teenage sin; collecting signs 5 – Collages, they appear everywhere I work 6 – The North Sea beach was the inspiration for my collection of rugs 7 – The rug ‘Canvas’ from my Seascape Collection 8 – Pub ‘The Crown’ in London where local creatives would hang out 9 – Cupid on Piccadilly Circus, London, which I passed every day…a dangerous situation 😉 10 – A sketch from a communication concept for an online shop 11 – Love spotted on the South Bank, London 12 – My son (4 then) in the attic of the hovel that became our home.  13 – That corner is now his bedroom 14 – My favourites in vtwonen, the Dutch home and living magazine I worked for as art director for over 5 years 15 – My library at home 16 – Me, photo taken by Vito (6 then)

The blog has become my personal sketch book. It really is (…) the stuff that makes me think, that inspires me, that I envy and am passionate about.

Together with my son I recently started another blog…  about cars. Everythingcar it is called and the header says A car is more than just a car.

everythingcar blog

everythingcar home page

My son loves cars since Day One and I may be contaminated, or maybe he woke an interest I’ve had all along. We will both write for it and subjects will range from technical stuff he picks up so easily and my thoughts about the aesthetics, the role of women in car advertising, and the freedom to travel. To name a few. It is still early days, but I would love to hear your comments along the way.

Comments are important. What to think when someone spends a day reading all your post (! more than 550) and doesn’t leave one comment? (This happened recently) Did it not spark one comment? What am I doing wrong? (For a creative the attention of an audience is the ultimate goal. I spent years mastering the art of drawing attention, dedicated my life to it, cultivating my eye. No response is failure!)

But! Maybe the blog serves a different goal. I love doing it. And clicking through it makes me feel good and inspired. Everyday life is full of wonder and I intend to keep ‘m peeled.*


*An expression by Eric Stanley Taylor, a British actor and television presenter, best known for presenting the long-running five-minute crime programme Police 5. His catchphrase was “Keep ’em peeled!” – asking viewers to be vigilant.



13 Responses to About Me

  1. kartwheels says:

    I, too, would love to live in Amsterdam! Thank you for visiting kartwheels. I will be following along here to see what you are up to!
    Good thoughts, Karen

    • Keep an eye on the ‘guestroom’ category, nearly finished! And bring Captain as there are 4 chalkboard doors to fill with art 😉 I had a quick look where you are, but that is a dreamlocation!!

  2. Rosalinde says:

    Hi Wilma, I find your ‘about me’ page very original and creative and it seems to me that you shouldn’t be worrying about your next step. I’m sure you’ll find something amazing to do as you seem to be really passionate and creative. Thanks for sharing your blog on Gidsy (blogworkshop), I sure am inspired by your findings and hope you’ll share a lot more!

  3. nadia says:

    Merci pour votre article sur mon travail !

    Nadia DAFRI

  4. Rinky Dinky from San Fransisco says:

    I love the okra stamps and the dangerous situations made me laugh out loud!
    Rinky Dinky from San Fransisco

  5. roylcoblog says:

    Your work is very inspirational!

  6. Moetoesingi says:

    Super leuke blog! Ik wil de nieuwsbrief ;), xxx

  7. Dirk says:

    Dank om ons te vermelden op je blog over PAN !

    Vriendelijke groet


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