Guest room


Room with canal view in windmill area

The front room of the first floor of our city apartment has been our guest room since August 2013. I like to keep the decorations up to date, the linens and mattress fresh and new, so every now and then I do a little ‘make-over. Just finished the last one: I took out a large wall-covering wardrobe, that was hidden behind locked sliding doors. Now this extra space is available for the guests, with a large sturdy cupboard and floor space, with a soft warm rug, nice ,-)



The house was first built in 1890 and in 2012 we finished renovating it. Our apartment has 3 floors and a roof terrace overlooking a large part of the area, as everything is rather low rise around here. The first floor was constructed as a open plan studio space: with only sliding doors all along the staircase to close it off, when needed. The use of the floor turned out different and in 2013 we decided to divide it into two rooms, of which the front one slowly turned into a shed… A complete waste of space!! Once I decided to make it into a cosy corner for rent I did not rest and went from moodboard, to DIY store, to how-to video etc, I simply  l o v e d  the job! It was a joy to re-use as many materials from the original construction as possible, and combine it with the new and supercomfortable.

The doors behind the bed are the original doors of built-in closets. The bench by the window -which is also a storage, see post I made this– is made from an old post cabinet combined with laths, again, saved from our house before the renovation. The table was a gift from my sister and the chairs found in the street, just around the corner. The vintage green glas lamp, handmade and in mint condition, is found in a charity shop -> absolute bargain! for contrast, the wallpaper is new and exclusive by Farrow & Ball, the design is called Aranami.

For extra comfort a new boxspring bed (renewed Oct 2016) and a minibar were installed, and guests have the use of a private bathroom with rain shower.

At an average cost of €72 per night, with a minimum stay of 2 nights, you can have your home away from home, in hip and happening Amsterdam Oost.

For information or bookings see our ad on AIRBNB

{Since it has been available through Airbnb we welcomed more that 250 guests from all over the world. They wrote plenty of nice things about it, and more than 2000 others have saved it onto their wish list (October 2016). Me, superhost 😀 who would have thought?!}

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Before we could move in the house that is now our home, we had a right hovel on our hands. After taking everything out, everything we put back became a decision to take…

It was a pilot project for the city of Amsterdam: Housing association De Key offered 3 houses – containing 12 small social housing apartments – to be converted into multi-storey townhouses.  A group of 5 families took on the challenge and named it De Dappere Maurits, after the neighborhood Dapperbuurt and the Mauritskade, the street it is on. It became an intensive hobby for several years, to plan, demolish, rebuild and decorate it. But we did it! together with an architect, constructor, craftsmen and a lifetime dedication to DIY …


The front room shed

The front room when it was a shed

More about the area is published in the category (B)OOST, but here are a few pictures of our street taken over a year, to give you an idea…

Casanostra guest room Amsterdam

2 Responses to Guest room

  1. liz says:

    Very, very beautifull, I hope I can stay there soon…..

  2. willum says:

    Wow, what a great place! With also a park around the corner

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