This blog I started in 2013, when I set up as an independent creative, after more than 10 years in busy commercial publishing jobs.

On these pages I have reported on wondrous moments in my daily life,

one of my most loved subjects being the unconditioned expression of young children. Many exciting, raw and sweet works of art by 4 and 5 years olds have been showcased here on iforinspiration. Making me think,

enviable, making your own work.

An art school bachelor in graphic design, I now work as an art director for magazines and I take pictures.

I love art and am a collector of artifacts, so no problem accumulating a vaste archive of stuff, thinking I will need it one day, in a creative way, when I quit my day job to become an artist, make my own work.

It is a mega folder holding all the elements for my private report, a diary of sorts, fieldwork;


george michael

BLOOW | Director’s Cut

For example, since I was a student, I was part of a slide show collective called Anja’s Boetiek, reporting on notable details of daily life – stacks of slide boxes

And I always had a fascination for the news – shoe boxes with clippings

I also felt I should keep the things telling a story, something I wanted to remember  – boxes under the bed, in the utility room, on shelves in my bedroom/office

I even kept images of things I want to forget.

And no end of little notebooks, ideas, sketches and text.

Plus the digital stuff.

Quite a substantial log already, and to avoid my personal archive turning into a random body of stuff, I have decided to work with it, and try to use it and order it. Making new images. Indexing. Chronology.

I decided to start with the color blue. There are many reasons why I should like to focus on blue, but the main drive is to explore the exciting side of blue, blOOW.


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