Memories Of My Bike

PAGES | Today I found out my bike was stolen – wilson tichelaar The Fabric Of Home


PS | 07072020: To answer the questions I received: The arrow indicates my bike against the wall – the picture being one of very few I have left of the stolen bike – not the thief running off  😀

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The Apple Household

The apple house | Anja’s Boetiek Slide | image by Elvira Duives

The image above made me think.

Seen from the outside it’s a bit like this now, in many households: Families in one space, trying to avoid contact – mind the 1.5 meter circle you’re in – carving (eating ) their own way through their habitat.

Somewhere you are bound to meet.

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Welcome To My Neighborhood

Welcome to my neighborhood | Anja’s Boetiek | Slide film by SLR – wilson tichelaar

Another picture form back in the days when I went out with my SLR camera, and take snapshots of everyday life.

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Turning Point

PAGES | Turning Point – wilson tichelaar

A spread from the vtwonen Color Book I did, when I was working as art director for the Dutch largest selling interior design magazine. The image on the right is by me. It caused me to leave my job in the end. (An interesting story, but not now. It’s funny though, this popping up in the corner of my eye, now.)

Interesting, a word that was often used in a documentary I saw tonight, King Of The Cruise. Ronnie, the main character, being the self-acclaimed most interesting person there is, also in comparison with Hillary Clinton. 


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Corona Times | Birds You Suddenly Notice

A first summer’s day in Amsterdam during the The Lockdown of 2020. Bird painting in Duivendrecht – Amsterdam 2020

Bird painting in Duivendrecht – Amsterdam 2020

Bird paintings in Duivendrecht – Amsterdam 2020

Bird painting in Duivendrecht – Amsterdam 2020

Bird painting in Duivendrecht – Amsterdam 2020

Bird painting in Duivendrecht – Amsterdam 2020


Curious coincidence:

During the lockdown because of the Corona virus people started to notice more birds, their singing.

From the Washington Post (But this is true worldwide): “(…) a strange new world where the volume was suddenly turned down — empty sidewalks, less traffic and fewer early-morning leaf blowers — people stuck in their homes are tuning their ears to a sweet natural sound they’ve long taken for granted: bird songs.

Across the country, scientists who study birds say they’re besieged by family members and friends asking the same question: Is the bird population exploding?

“I’m hearing from a lot of people saying, wow, there are so many birds,” said T. Scott Sillett, a wildlife biologist who heads the Smithsonian’s Migratory Bird Center, which runs the national Neighborhood Nestwatch — a kind of bird census conducted by volunteers. Sillett shakes his head.

“For one, we’re hearing more birds because there’s less human noise, fewer tires humming and horns,” he said. “We’re less conspicuous in our houses, and the birds are coming down to see. People are saying, wow, this bird is nesting right here under my window.”

The bird was probably there all along.”

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From My Desktop | WHITE PEPPA

Tidying up my desktop, stuff I collect, in an actual folder called DESKTOP. I just need a clean desktop to be able to concentrate when I am working. So I do pick up a lot of images, but put them aside, for the moment. (God! isn’t it all about discipline? Now that I think of it, it seems so. I have a few conscious decades under my belt and in my experience a lot comes from (having a goal and) actually doing it. Be discipled and do what you have to do first – and then – maybe – you can do what you would really really want. Hmm, makes me think… of the grid of the spaces in between stacked rocks)

Anyway, what I really enjoy is putting these images together. Just for me, because I like them and like to combine them, make something new, a kind of visual story. Diary style.

And keep the results in another folder, of course 😉 But I also like to share what caught my eye in a certain way.

…in a certain way,

reminds me of a series I am watching – and l o v e  –  on Netflix: The EDDY. Great story on a Parisian jazz club, run by a troubled American soulman. Components thrown together it’s a mix of thriller, detective and life stories, shot in a jazzy style with an amazing live soundtrack. It may be messy, but in a very professional artist way.

Some background on the soundtrack The EDDY


FROM MY DESKTOP | MAY 2020 – wilson tichelaar

FROM MY DESKTOP | MAY 2020 – wilson tichelaar





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Boho Chic Desert Near Amsterdam


Image inspired by the work of Anouschka Rokebrand, a Dutch photographer who did the series Boho Chic Desert. Marie Waallicht – Demon Park 2019

It’s a different kind of poetry:

I stumbled upon the work of Anouschka Stokebrand. A Dutch lifestyle photographer – and weddings*, it said on the website of decor8, where I found her.

The work od Anouschka Stokebrand

Looking closely at vegetation.

But with a lifestyle lens. Looking for poetry.

An image by Stokebrand. A sunny, yet prickly, time and space. Dreamy light, soft colors, pastels. It’s a poetic image, A heart growing two flowers.

*) weddings are considered to be among the least sexy subjects on a photographers curriculum. Not cool.

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Catching Up On The News | Meteor Strike Caught On Camera



I am staying in, catching up on the news 😉

One night in Austin Texas, last year, the incredible coincidence of a meteor striking and a midnight driver holding a camera recording it.


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Corona Times | Rear Window

SO NOW | PAGES 11052020 |Corona Times


This image caught my eye: A film poster for Hitchcock’s Rear Window, a thriller from 1954 starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly. It’s the story of professional photographer Jeff, who is stuck in his apartment, recuperating from a broken leg. Out of boredom, he begins to spy on his neighbours and comes across a shocking revelation.

The retro, minimalist graphic design of the poster is spectacular in its simplicity, a classic from the time when movie posters where designed by real artists, is what I thought.

And then I looked it up: It is the work of graphic designer Brandon Schaefer, who wasn’t born yet in 1954 (!) and who’s work combines a retro minimalist flair with a strong attention to detail that invites viewers to consider their favorite films in a different light. ( He is the Invisible Poster Boy and creative director at Jump Cut, the motion picture advertising agency. Not that invisible, his work has been exhibited internationally and featured in several publications over the years, and he co-hosts The Poster Boys, a podcast about design and film posters.

And, spectacular in its simplicity it may seem, his style is actually the residu of Schaeffer’s admiration for three men’s wisdom:

“My views tend to align themselves with three old dead guys who, at one point in their lives, sported some utterly fantastic beards. It began with Thoreau’s treatise on simplicity, gradually moving to include Tolstoy’s writings on purpose, and finally somehow wrapping things up with William Morris and his ideas about work and society. To be a little less broad for the unfamiliar, this trifecta championed a life that is far from the media addicted consumerist society we live in today. (From the site that sells his work, to consumers 😉


Rear Window, I watched it recently. Amsterdam 2020 – Photo wilson tichelaar

Finally, following the theme of Rear Window: Staying in, all day, not  allowed to go out, we got to know more about our neighbors. And we are no longer a blanc ourselves.

Actually, the sales of curtains have gone up considerably.


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Cows Out In The Fields For The First Time This Year


Came across this lively bunch yesterday, while cycling east of Amsterdam: The cows were brought out into the fields for the first time this year – May 9th 2020 – and they are loving it 🙂

In the background the famous Muiderslot (Called Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot, by the Amsterdam Tourist Office)



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