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Random Connections | From my desktop – wilson tichelaar 071120

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Belgian Groove


While driving in Belgium yesterday, I heard this song on the car radio. It’s a soulful mellow track, from – what I understand – a father-to-be-rapper in awe with the creation of life: We are circles in time, we keep on doing what we do… (lyrics here)

Cirkels by Yong Yello, nice video too 🙂

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8:30 am | A Satnav Surprise

8:30 AM Time for a SATNAV SURPRISE

Last night I stayed in a hotel in Maastricht, in the most southern area of our country, to be close to my work appointment in the morning: 8:30 am is the start of a photoshoot in Belgium, just across the border. I did the production, I am the team’s mum for the day – come to me for help I thought about this – and therefore I should be there before everybody else, meet the owner of the location, get the drill and spread the plan for the day.

It is 8:30 they must be waiting for me, to get the brief.

But. I am in the car, and my satellite navigation system directed me to take a sharp right off the main road, into this field behind the sign: dead-end street.

A bit late, but I had to by-pass a rather complicated road block just after the river – and this happened to me before: On my way to an appointment, well prepared, nicely on time and just before the arrival my satnav screws it up.




Surely this happens to others too?


8:30 AM Time for a satnav surprise

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Amsterdam Not Now

AirBnB 2020-07-08 om 00.02.03 | Correspondence – wilson tichelaar

I tend to forget, I am an AirBnB host.

For about 7 years I welcomed guests to our home, always had people staying in our guestroom.

Now for months it has been just the two of us, me and my son. Normally home alone would feel like a holiday. Music everywhere.

All bookings have been cancelled. Worldwide lockdown.


And it’s nice, in a new way.

The silence was broken today, by Katie, a guest from London.

I thought that she had already cancelled her stay. Like everyone else.

This is what she wrote.

It made me think

A moment in Corona Times.



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Nice Message

Message from the location agency in my mailbox today | Super! Nice to hear!

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Home Altar Shelve Story

TFOH | evidence black out | At a photoshoot location last Thursday. The Fabric Of Home 2020 – wilson tichelaar

One day a photography team will come to your home and use your personal space, as part of the deal with the location management you joined. For the daily rate of the rental agreement, the team’s runner, who had to empty your carefully composed home altar shelfs – making way for the stylist’s own interpretation of your living room – comes home with a series of snaps of every corner of your personal space he took with his phone… to remember how to put it all back, exactly as it was..

Even with the pictures, not easy.

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View From The Only Window

ARCHIVE | 49/94 | My first address in Amsterdam was number 49, the view from the only window in the room on my arrival. It has a special place in the home I live in now. At number 94.

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Time To Protest

Protest | The Snowman wants a say too – TFOH

Every thing of beauty is worth protesting for,

is what I thought when I saw the unhappy face of the snowman, in my archive.

Yes we did have winters and it is a thing of beauty, one of the exhilarating  conditions of our planet. Worth fighting for.

And since we are experiencing a peculiar window in time, in which NOW seems to be the time to speak up for yourself and protest, I gave it a voice.

Let winter be.


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The Only Child Badge

BLUE PEN | I was – and still am – a Jackson Browne fan – wilson tichelaar ©2019

I was listening to an old favorite, the song The Only Child by Jackson Browne.

As a teenager in college I proudly wore a badge with his name, drawn with a blue pen, selfmade as a gift by a gorgeous 18-year old admirer. It read Jackson Brown, the ‘e’ was forgotten. (He died when I told him. So adorable when I think of it now 🙂

It was similar to the image above which I made from memory.


Tumbling from my memory while listening to the lyrics the story is now filled with so much more detail (!) compared to when I first loved it. Now that I have a son, an only child, I love it even more. But the feeling is the exactly the same, like a breathtaking inescapable truth.


I love the sleeve design too: There’s protest in The Pretender done in spray paint. A busy sidewalk in an American City in the Seventies. Jackson is a face in the crowd, but wearing a simple white t-shirt. Art direction and design – Gary Burden, Front cover photo – Tom Kelley.

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Grow Your Own

PAGES | 27062020 | My First Beans


A page for my visual diary:

Today I harvested my first batch of roof-terrace-grown beans 🙂



what was it again with beans? I Googled it:


The meaning of Beans, according to the urban dictionary


Ok, all beans invited! 


What’s not to like? | The meaning of Beans, according to the urban dictionary




I am amazed by the number of thumbs down. What’s not to like?!




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